Tropicana The Residences

About This Project

When you’re living the high life as one of society’s elite, a luxurious sanctuary is essential. The Residences Kuala Lumpur epitomizes the haute monde of living, an epicurean space that promises to seduce you every time you come home.

The smaller unit (Type A) is inspired by high fashion and automotive detailing. Subtle masculinity is carried through the design, making the space feel like a fine tailored suit. The main feature is the leather upholstered wall paneling that runs the complete length of the dining and living. Its fine stitching is evocative of the opulent interiors of super cars. The masculine cool tones are offset by the burst of yellow in the sculptural feature chair.

Dark, vertical mirrored panels are strategically placed within the interior, doubling the sense of spaciousness. The bedroom features stripes of checkered fabric punctuated with gray tinted mirrors that, together with the prominently framed mirror located behind the desk, gives an airy feel to the cozy interior.

Stepping into the larger unit (Type B), one immediately senses a touch of femininity. From the light colours to the crystal glass pendants, the interior exudes elegance. The quilted fabric padded walls accentuated with rose gold trim are reminiscent of a Bottega Veneta tote. Deep purple, the colour of royalty, is interspersed throughout space.

The bedroom is elevated by a woven leather headboard and anchored by the plush magenta rug and the lustrous curtains. The rose gold accents and dark tinted mirror give an intimate feeling to the room. This cozy ambience is carried through to the study, where dark hues create a private retreat.