Tropicana Golfer Terrace

About This Project

Golfer’s Terrace, overall look revolves modern architectural element juxtapose with timber finishing to create serene and relaxing dining experience. Described as Golfer’s Terrace, it is not only catered to golfers but approach to non-golfer with casual all-day dining setting.

An open concept layout integrates seamlessly from Grill Station, Buffet to Dining area which captivates people’s interest with surrounding ambience. High ceiling with delicate wooden lattice transforms vertically into main structure of space draws attention as focal point. The beauty of wide aperture of the building allows naturally breeze flows in gently and with the initiate of oversized ceiling fan the overall space turns into an airy envelope.

The introduction of Cantilevered Pavilion with screen is mindfully design to filter the natural sunlight with maximum exposure to the panoramic views of golf course. A pleasing combination of material selection and landscape creates seamless transitions between indoor and out. With the soft touch of accent colour injection – tangerine, it stimulates and boosts the appetites of diner.

The space is comprehensive well with natural ventilation, earth tone scheme of material interlace with black structure element that engaged well with contemporary outdoor furniture in which evoke a sense of Modern Tropical.

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