Tropicana Avenue, Petaling Jaya

About This Project

Show Unit situated in Selangor is destined for modern family. In the area of 1615 sqft apartment accommodates spatial living room and three bedrooms. Cozy yet sophisticated design would inspire future residents of Tropicana Avenue.

Sky is the limit for contemporary art – imagination may be the only one constraint. Designers – being a part of art community are not as privileged. Creativity must be functional, and function creative. But is there something more inspiring than constraint?

The design at Tropicana Avenue Show Unit creates a unique blend of chic from a modern art gallery, combined with a comfortable living ambience. Gallery displays of centerpieces and artworks meet with a homely feel that are further enhanced by the soft carpet textures. Clean surfaces finished in subtle tones and simple lines fused with fresh vibrant colors to create a bold yet sophisticated look.

Upon arrival, residents will find themselves in a spatial living area. Contemporary characters are visible from the first moments due to the uncluttered and sparse furnishing. The tangerine glass sculpture on the dining feature wall grabs attention with its expressive details. The composition of modern furniture with the overall interior design provides a perfect blend of fashionable elegance and comfy living. The overall subtle palette together with the vertical wall paneling creates an airy feeling that enhances spaciousness.

The warm and luxurious air is continued into the master bedroom as a whole. The illusion of space is created through the clever use of mirrors, while the sparkle from the modern, yet classy pendant lights produce a low lit, dramatic intimate setting for tranquility.

At the other side of the condo are the kids’ rooms. Here, blocks of bright colours are used to typify the characters of the rooms. The dominant aqua colour from the wall covering for the headboard is refreshing and yet dynamic. Raindrop artwork complements the aqua colour to reinforce the concept of raindrop water for this room, thus rendering the room a more soothing and laid-back feel.

Linear lines along the headboard with the bold cut of colour are meant to inspire creativity and playfulness. A striking balance of asymmetrical design is highlighted with the placement of eclectic furniture within the room.