Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant, PJ Hilton

About This Project

Toh Yuen is a refurbished Chinese restaurant located at Hilton PJ which placed in a 4320sqft. Refresh, Renew and Rejuvenate approach to effectively providing a brand new experience to the guest.

The metal sliding screen features were inspired by the traditional Chinese foldable screen and peach blossom pattern in modern contemporary way is applied for visual interest and intimacy. At the entry, a hostess greet and welcome patrons with a “Welcome” tea on a modern yet sleek counter design. The dining area is divided into one main dining hall and four private rooms. The four private rooms, essential part of the Chinese dining culture, are planned to cater 10 diners each or can be attached to accommodate a 20 person group dinner. The peach blossom inspired carpet colour, mix seating arrangement and complemented with unique flower and display décor to soften the overall environment.

F & B
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