The Vale II, Sutera Damansara

About This Project

In today’s frantic search for a place to call home, consumers are faced with the constant bombardment of the newest and latest minimalist trends.  When in actual fact the contemporary home owners only want a cozy and comfortable place to come home to – without it being too overly cold and futuristic. This is where Blu Water Studio stepped in and approached in the conception of The Vale; it is s successful blend of modern and minimalist, bringing the warmth touch back into today’s latest trend with organic inspirations.

The indoor/outdoor experience are cleverly captured and implemented in the finishes used throughout both the units; the raw surfaces and natural element within the space reinforces the real down-to-earth beauty of the interiors.

In the first townhouse, you will find a private space full of serenity, opulence and pure indulgence.  Earthy colors creates an inviting and cozy ambience that brings to mind the respite and comfort one gets from being in nature, while the multitude of pure forms are celebrated in the rough and raw materials, creating an overall sense of serene modernity home.

Intending to be a dedication to contemporary living, the second townhouse feature strong lines and muted tones, which characterizes the bolder approach in the design.  The birth of this concept comes from lying under the tree and staring up at the tree top, at the sunlight peeping through the leaves.

The ambience achieved from this adaptation of dramatic finishes with natural materials and monotone nature photographs forms your private intimate urban hideaway.

Disconnected to the world, connected with nature – The Vale provides you with the unique blend of contemporary living and enhanced organic motifs forms.

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