The Spring Food Bazaar, Kuching

About This Project

The food bazaar owned by The Spring Shopping Mall in Kuching, highlights the green house and oversized elements to narrate the concept of Enchanted Spring and fantasy like tea party.

The tea party theme is elaborated with long communal table and colourful stools. They, together with the enlarged picnic table cloth pattern and exaggerated yellow basket weaving in the ceiling, evoke a sense of adventure.

The hit of spring is injected into the space through the greenhouse concept. Normal items that are seen around a garden also appear here; like fencing, black framing and the yellow bicycle.

The space is divided into a few clusters of seating areas; cozy banquette seating with an informal set up, areas of group seating, and the playful bird cage inspired seating. The space planning is created purposely to add energy and a full experience as one weaves through the bazaar.

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