The Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant (B2)

About This Project


Enchanted by the nature of a Chinese Royal Garden, this restaurant embraces the heritage and charm of Chinese elements. This essence is continued through infusion of a contemporised Chinese floral pattern onto carpets, creating drama and giving the restaurant a revitalised appearance.

Inspired by the traditional Chinese folding screen, the sliding door feature is finished in lacquered paint with mother of pearl inserts. This sliding door symbolises the royal heritage charm, emerging as a beautiful piece of art. Subtle distinctions between its understated composition, rich materials, art, and soft furnishings provide an overall sophisticated and refined dining experience.

The Function Room

The transformation of the design of the function room is based on the philosophy of “Romance in the Garden”. Seasonal flowers were turned into a simple abstract floral design based on circular motifs with gradient shades of seasonal tones being introduced and infused on the overall carpet pattern.

This creates an enchanting and lavish garden atmosphere to inspire couples to cherish the amorous moments on their wedding day. Reflective golden ceiling as a backdrop highlighted the blossom-inspired light fixtures as though one is walking under the cluster of flowers, offering a truly romantic dining encounter.

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