The Edison George Town, Penang

About This Project

The Edison George Town is located in Penang, a world heritage site well known for its colonial past and oriental charm. Unique architecture alongside the city’s quaint heritage creates a distinct blend of design identities. Monumental architectural facades with period detailing are a distinct feature of the Penang scenery. This upmarket, modern heritage boutique hotel pays homage to these architectural features, successfully modernising whilst still preserving, offering visitors an experience to remember.

The overall hotel design is a quirky take on Penang, with whimsical touches of its heritage scattered within, strengthening the link of the interiors to its charming surroundings. The fresh concept combined with an air of timeless elegance offers a comfortable blend of modern and traditional elements with quality and charm found in equal measures.

The hotel atmosphere, is all about harmony, warmness and eloquent uniqueness with a touch of jade that creates intimacy and comfort abound. Patterned tilework, bone china inspired art, mid-century styled lounge furniture, with mood lighting and warm tones mixed into a light and airy environment creates the perfect backdrop for the modern day traveller.

Hotel rooms are furnished in two distinct styles, colonial and oriental to recreate the past whilst contrasting it with a fresh, contemporary approach. Light walls and furnishings contrasted with black furniture, jade accented wall panelling, combined with authentic Peranakan tiles, creates a luxurious and calming space to relax in. The ornate bedhead and customised furniture with subtle variations of materials and decorative tiles truly encapsulates the charm of the orient.

The unique and distinctive personality within the hotel is styled in such a manner as to be branded as affordable luxury, the combination of modern day amenities within a heritage mansion provides guests with an experience that is hard to be surpassed

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