Tatsu Japanese Restaurant at Intercontinental KL

About This Project

Tatsu was inspired by the sculptor Isamu Noguchi, his contemporary perception of traditional Japanese design and his honesty to natural materials. Our design approach is to bring traditional Japanese elements to a new realisation through our own interpretation and create a placid and tranquil dining experience.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by an oversized lantern suspended above a bed of pebbles and a reflecting pond which guides you into the space. Layers of shoji inspired screens are in a contrast or materials from natural timber to a more intricate metal mesh. These screens provide the first glimpse into the dining spaces.

From the entrance, the layout of the restaurant is built up in layers. The first is the central, island sushi bar; enveloped in slabs of natural granite with a long solid timber ledge that invites diners to be immersed in the action. Beyond the sushi bar is the open dining area where each table has an individual spot light to create a stronger sense of intimacy. Layers of lights made from sake cups surround the open dining and sushi bar whilst acting as a guide to define the walkways.

To the far right beyond a large communal chefs table is the Teppanyaki counter and opposite to the left of the sushi bar is a vertical wine and sake display. This leads to a lounge bar with softer finishes and a more relaxed style of seating. There are four private dining rooms, three of which can be converted into one large dining hall and a space allocated for semi private dining. Tying all the dining spaces together, suspended around the perimeter windows is a screen of stacked sake bottles.

Overall there is a strong juxtaposition of materials such as solid slabs of stone and timber, crushed bamboo and soft paper lanterns contrasting with metal mesh screens, granite floor slabs laid in a Tatami style pattern, kimono inspired wall reliefs and the colour blue which can be found in the oriental seat cushions and ceramic sake bottles.

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