Tapas Bistro at Micasa KL

About This Project

Tapas Bistro is a restaurant by day, and a bar by night. Playing on this dual nature, this establishment transitions from light and airy to a more moody and intimate space throughout the course of the day. From casual dining for those in need of a quick bite to eat, to drinking and unwinding whilst watching the latest sports plays. Upon entering, enveloped by a dramatic ceiling feature and floor pattern with strong character, the central bar becomes the heart of the restaurant. Inspired by the elements of Spain – geometric patterned tiles, warm, vibrant interiors, and ornate screens are referenced to fulfil the Spanish zeal. Transforming this space into a refined eatery through subtle distinctions between its understated composition, art, soft furnishings and rich materials like brushed copper, wired glass and bronze mirror. The play of dramatic lighting throughout the space creates an ambience of an overall sophisticated dining experience.

F & B
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