Saint Pierre, W Kuala Lumpur

About This Project

Inspired by Henri Rousseau’s masterpiece, Le Reve (The Dream), Saint Pierre in W Kuala Lumpur accentuates five key elements of the artwork by the French artist —mystique, French flair, allure, fertility and the tropical jungle. A golden metal scale-like mesh veils the entrance, setting the ambience with a sense of mystery. The space opens up to beautiful French elegance embodied by intricate design elements across the ceiling, furniture pieces and wall treatments. A glistening golden hue runs across the space with alluring details and jewel tones inspired by the pomegranate — as a symbol of fertility — embellishing the lofty dining space. During different times of the day, the interiors morph with a magical intervention thanks to natural lighting and its surrounds. The dreamlike forest setting taken from the painting is translated through the carpet with a quasi-abstract leitmotif depicting overlapping leaves in shades of orange and cool neutrals.

F & B
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