Sabayon at Sky51, EQ Kuala Lumpur

About This Project

Fly free like a bird in EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s newest Sky51 Sky Bar. Guests are able to experience a bird’s life up in the clouds with an ethereal intervention 250 metres up high. The concept of the rooftop bar takes you on an immersive experience into different phases of a bird’s lifecycle.

The experience begins when guests land at the lift lobby of Sky51 Sky Bar, as they arrive into a surreal stillness of an infinite space comprising infinity mirrors and reflective surfaces. The illusion of a boundless space emotes the idea of the limitless horizon — a bird gliding in equilibrium as it reaches the peak of its flight. And at the end of the lobby, a glowing Maitre’d draws the guests towards it, backed against a glass with the lively outdoor bar beyond.

They’re later redirected into Sabayon, a sky dining venue enclosed within a palatial triple volume glass box, with expansive view of the city around. The concept embraces elegant curvatures and soft materials to accentuate the nurturing nature of a bird tending to its young. A pair of full height wine display at the entrance serves as a warm welcome, before they are later able to choose between two distinctive dining spaces – A lower ceiling dining room with gentle timber and fabric walls, complemented using soft and puffy booth seats; Or the high ceiling dining room surrounded with glass, crowned by a feather-like sculptural installation above, imitating the formation of clouds.

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