OPUS Sales Gallery

About This Project

The Opus Sales Gallery has been designed for the OSK Property Sdn. Bhd. The Opus Gallery is built for the sales of their cutting-edge boutique offices.

The sales gallery is designed based on the practicality of tree house space where a variety of activities happen in one space and are interconnected, forming a contextual relationship.

The artistic inspiration for the feature envelope of the space derived from the dramatic display of sunlight seeping through the linear trees, where shadows are casted to create a dynamic feel.

Multi-level floor planning was created to eliminate visible boundaries where different area integration can be achieved into a single compact space; an office and pantry at the rear is cleverly hidden with a motif glass.

There are fun elements strewn about to inject a feel of life; these items include a swing, playful stools, and colourful loose accessories.

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