Marta’s Kitchen

About This Project

Imagine the basking streets of Spain in all its glitz and glamour, the crowd dancing and the aroma of fragrant paella wafting from the nearest bistro. Enter Marta’s Kitchen. Bringing all the vibrant flavours together, the interior space combines the vivacious notes of Spanish culture within a fun dining space. Upon entering the restaurant, witness the mural of a beautiful Spanish lady in bold colours – creating visual impact in an instance. In the dining area, the open kitchen – where the soul of Marta’s Kitchen lies – reveals the heart of the restaurant in full motion. Design elements bounce ubiquitous motifs of traditional Spanish homes from latticework, cabinetry and bright hues. Large windows also allow great amount of natural lighting during the day while reflecting the gleaming lights through its luminosity by night. Eccentric elements from oversize graphics to dynamic floor patterns reel in a fun and lively atmosphere for diners.

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