Marta’s Kitchen at Lalaport Bukit Bintang

About This Project

Bringing all the vibrant flavours together, Marta’s Kitchen combines the vivacious notes of Spanish culture within a fun dining space. From the entrance, an eye-catching mural depicting a beautiful Spanish lady creates visual impact. The open kitchen where the dining area is – the soul of Marta’s Kitchen – reveals the heart of the restaurant in full motion. Ornate Spanish latticework and rustic cabinetry are injected throughout the space, whereas oversized graphics and vibrant colours are also utilised to create a lively atmosphere. Large windows draw in natural lighting during the day while reflecting the gleaming lights through its luminosity by night.

Stepping into Marta’s Kitchen, you get the feeling as though you have just stumbled upon a story of a Spanish lady in her animal barn. Towering floor-to-ceiling windows bring in natural light into the space whilst allowing a gleaming eye-catching moment from the outside at night, with the Lady and barn vibrantly invoking a whimsical yet elegant approach to the food and space. Local patrons are able to learn more about Spanish culture and traditions from the open-kitchen dining experience, to the sharing culture of good food and tosses of wine. Native Spaniards, however, are able to experience a sense of belonging within the community.

Breaking down walls, blurring boundaries between interior and nature – this is to create an OUTSIDE IN concept. Enlivened by the connection between nature and soul (lady), a dining experience with an untold story of a Spanish Lady in her animal barn is implied throughout the space. Spanish elements are highly seen throughout the restaurant, starting with being greeted by an oversized wallpaper behind the bar upon the entrance. The oversized wallpaper features a bold Flamenco lady, with silhouettes of Spanish fans that resemble her dancing spirit. This is overlapped with nostalgic aspects of Spanish old folk songs that narrates her life story. Resemblance of an animal farm can be spotted from the timber paneling, selection of pendants, and decorative items at the barn-like open kitchen. Quirky farm animal prints are injected to create peekaboo moments at every corner in the space.

The open barn kitchen is positioned at an angle of 45 degree facing towards the intersection of junctions, creating an eye-catching feature upon viewing from the outside.

As the premise is located at the end of the lot with a curved façade, the layout is designed with banquet seating along the windows to fully utilize the limited space in order to cater for 150 pax. The bar is situated near the entrance to serve both outdoors and indoors, bar seating is omitted to ensure the seating height is kept at lower levels to provide a homier Spanish house setting. The versatile private dining space allows for flexibility where you can enjoy a more intimate dining experience for private events, or open up the sliding doors for a more spacious setting.

Acoustic ceiling is implemented for better sound absorption due to the long stretch of floor-to-wall window panels and high ceilings. Open shelves above the show kitchen allow for easy access of plates and equipment from both sides. A partition using black chalkboard laminate functions as a writing board for menu or special offerings of the day and to block the view towards the main kitchen preparation area. Homogenous slip resistance floor tiles are used as a safety precaution, in addition to reduce visual confusion. This also allows the colours from artwork and furniture to stand out.

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