Laman & Bayu, Puchong

About This Project

Located away from the urban centre, Laman and Bayu is designed with a city lifestyle in mind. Inspired by flora and fauna, but punctuated with geometric lines and surfaces. Laman and Bayu residence constitutes a proof that being at one with the nature does not have to mean disconnecting from the city spirit.

The designers aim was to create a modern take on nature-inspired interiors. Vision was translated into reality through earthy hues displayed on contemporary furnishing. Wooden and stone textures are juxtaposed with smooth and modern surfaces. Different shades of grey are used overall creating a stylish cool ambience to the interiors.

Open plan concept invites residents straight to the living area, where the feature is an oversized leaf sculpture from Lamont. The eye-catching piece is exhibited against a stimulated granite background. One side of the dining area is covered with dark grey mirror, creating the illusion of additional space. Vertical fins run along the dining wall to add height and break any monotony. Nature’s inspiration is enhanced by the dining table made of solid timber, while comfortable sofas and armchair complete the laid-back interior character.

Parquet strips made of warm Merbau timber are used for the stairs and throughout the upstairs flooring to amplify a cozy atmosphere and tie all the spaces together. The family room opens directly to the staircase and features a timber bay window with integrated seating for warm family evenings. This is complemented by quiet hues of colour and provides a relaxing environment. Vibrant character is used in study room to promote fun activity whilst studying, with pops of red décor and bright candy coloured chairs. The library is designed with random shelves that add a joyous element. The master bedroom is the most grown up of all rooms, with classy finishes and a touch of elegance and sexiness given to the direct view into the bathroom.