Kampachi at The Troika

About This Project

The comfort of an open fire, soothing sounds of crackling firewood and richness of timber epitomises the ambiance of a traditional Japanese hearth. Together with the reminiscent feel of coarse stone and roughened iron cookware, these elements set the atmosphere for the new Kampachi at Troika, Kuala Lumpur, iconic restaurant by Equatorial specialising in sophisticated Japanese cuisine.

Designers united contemporary modernity with the nostalgic past by maintaining the existing concrete elements together with the irregular lines of the building and complementing it with materials recycled from the Equatorial hotel, where 40 years ago the first Kampachi restaurant opened.

The feature screen presents a photo taken by the owner during a trip to Japan providing a fragmented view of a temple rooftop. While looking above, a cloud of customised glass pendants twinkles throughout the void space and reflects on the mirrored louver ceiling creating a magical overall impression.

F & B