Kampachi at EQ Kuala Lumpur

About This Project

Kampachi is the latest high-end Japanese restaurant to open in the swanky EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The luxurious space is inspired by the natural surrounds of the Hinoki Forest. As one traipses through the enigmatic forest, the feeling of awe brings forth an ecstasy that takes one’s breath away. Walking into Kampachi, guests will be taken away by the majesticity that’s curated with natural wood tones intertwined with a contemporary interpretation of Japanese architecture.
The design approach takes its cure from the elevation of the forest with vertical design elements in natural textures emulating the tall trees — resulting in an enchanting ambience. Traditional Japanese woodwork ties the space together with subtle craftsmanship that’s pervasive throughout the dining halls. Notice the interlocking wood joints that are elegantly placed, as well as the tall timber screens to punctuate the right amount of flair to the Japanese restaurant.

Reflective surfaces on the ceiling reiterates the idea of elevation, as one peers into the heighten space in awe. It brings out the magic of the forest to the restaurant space. However, the pièce de résistance is the elegant linear sushi counter that’s crafted in solid Hinoki wood, which is an essential Japanese raw material used in everything from building structures to shoji screens. Its design is anchored on the idea of balance, that is remarkably pleasing to the eye.

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