Jin & Ina at the Royal Garden Hong Kong

About This Project

A forbidden love of the Princess & the Cowherd was inspiration to create concept of Jin & Ina – Chinese and Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong.

The fairytale known in China and Japan, was the starting point of the design vision and provided for the division of both restaurants into heaven and earth. Common elements found in both cultures helped to connect the design, while details typical of Chinese or Japanese heritage defined the spaces.

Braided knots, the symbol of neverending love, implemented on crystal screens welcome patrons. Upon entering, guests experience the earthly elements of natural timber and stone. The vibrant artwork displayed motifs of birds symbolizing the connection of earth with heaven like the bridge of magpies that unites the lovers. Custom crystal lighting that represents the heaven is displayed amongst the windows. Spaces are divided by a sliding partition, which can allow both restaurants to unite as one.

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