Hotel Equatorial Penang

About This Project

The refurbishment of Equatorial hotel in Penang takes on the “timeless chic heritage” route – drawing from Penang’s colourful past since colonialism, the integration of cultures as well as its various festivals. The modernising of these elements creates a timeless ambience – one with a tale to tell.

The ‘Tropical’ themed reception area focuses on elements of nature – quipped with lush greeneries – whilst incorporating refreshed Colonial and Peranakan elements as functional features.

The Bar Lounge is given the term “the new anglophilia” where colonial features are borrowed into the space such as the usage of panels in very bold bright colour and wooden shutters in shades of warm grey.

The All Day Dining pays a tribute to Penang’s Peranakan ancestry. It plays quirkily on traditional detailing seen in architecture and clothing – with bold colours inspired by the Peranakan “kuih” and pottery. It is envisaged to be a space that is reminiscent of a Nyonya household, taking you on a sensory journey encapsulating all five senses.

The Chinese restaurant takes inspiration from the famous Chinese Opera House where sets are in layers – with swirling movements as seen in dances. The envelope for the restaurant is set in soft neutral tones, with updated fuchsia highlights against traditional furniture as well as swirling chandeliers and water feature. The result…a dramatic opulent space.

Lastly, the Japanese Restaurant is inspired from the Bon Odori festival that is widely celebrated in Penang. Oversized images of different types of dances were used as dramatic backdrop for banquet seating, while the restaurant boasts a dramatic palette of blue and grey tones fused with crisscrossing elements borrowed from the traditional umbrella and a ceiling inspired by bento boxes.