Haidilao Hot Pot, 1 Utama Shopping Mall

About This Project

Haidilao is no stranger to the dining scene in the city especially since its inaugural opening in Malaysia in April 2019. From then on, the popular hot pot brand has mushroomed across the city and now with its third branch. For the uninitiated, Haidilao is where you can find classic Sichuan mala hot pot with an assortment of condiments and ingredients to enjoy with.

Taking cues from the experience enjoying hot pot, the designers from Blu Water draw ideas from the spicy mala soup and the non-spicy clear broth — two elements representing the ‘soul of the soup’; one with its zealously fiery gusto and the other with its modestly graceful sensation. These two contrasting elements work together in harmony; when two become one, it is a sensation that ignites the pleasure and joy of eating hot pot.

Red tones anchor the dining area, interlaced with elegant nuances of Oriental elements; a nod to the cuisine’s origins. At the entrance, rustic slate brings back a sense of old China with faded glass effect reminiscing of memories. The abstract is highlighted in calligraphic strokes, beckoning the idea of steam emerging from the bubbling soup.

Island counters where sauces and condiments are served stand out in the expansive restaurant. The design language is clear as the layout is demarcated beautifully, ensuring diners a great sense of intimacy while sipping hot soup. The designers maintain a sense of comfort within the otherwise crowded restaurant. Intricate screens line the individual pods, creating a beautiful balance between private and public sensibilities.

The flow in the restaurant is fluid, creating a movement led by the beautiful swatches of red, from the brush strokes, metallic surfaces on the ceiling and the reflective finishes along the walls. Distinct dining spaces accentuating the fully immersive experience of mala hot pot is encapsulated in this swankily new Haidilao Hot Pot restaurant.

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