Etoile, EQ

About This Project

Like walking down a high street, Etoile invites you to be attracted, inspired and engaged with its latest spatial intervention on the ground floor of EQ Kuala Lumpur. Combining voyeurism and magnetism, Etoile draws attention through its strategic location, with a unmistakable see-through double-volume space washed in warm rustic oak timber and hints of gold. The layout is spacious and interactive, with live stations overlooking an eclectic mix of kopitiam-style marble tables and communal islands, set within the lively and upbeat atmosphere that embodies the spirit of a vibrant market hall. Take a seat at the outdoor area for a relaxed vibe or stroll inside to marvel at past-and-present Kuala Lumpur depicted artistically across the food islands for a local touch. As sun sets, the open bar lights up as a conversational point backed by bespoke carpentry work inspired by old-school open cabinets — a nostalgic addition to Etoile. Modularity is also considered in its spatial intervention with a floor plan that’s flexible for all types of activities.

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