Enye Spanish Restaurant at Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan

About This Project

Enye is the complete renovation of an existing restaurant in Crimson Resort & Spa in Mactan, Cebu. The restaurant acts as a secondary location for breakfast and a specialty Spanish restaurant, run by the award winning Chele Gonzalez. The new space takes over the previous lounge and balcony to increase its area to 2800sf. As guests approach Enye, they are greeted by three large custom sculpted pigs at the entrance and large wooden doors with brass handles. These, as well as the Spanish tiles on the floor, give an indication of what to expect inside.

The focus of the space is the show kitchen, with an art piece above made of lit wine bottles. On the stone wall is an intricate feature backlit screen in brass finish. The large communal table in the center doubles up and a buffet counter in the morning. There is an addition of a wine cellar and a charcuterie, enclosed rooms with glass for guests to admire the wares. As one enters the dining area, they are greeted with a large feature banquette that anchors the space. To the left is a standalone bar, with tall alcohol display behind. The pitch roof is accentuated by angular pendant lights. An intricate screen separates a semi-private dining area. The lattice pattern is also echoed in the cabinetry throughout the space. Brass is prevalent as well as the warm tones of walnut wood. Antique mirrors and animal heads dot the space. Enye boasts a perimeter of windows which let in light during the day and a dim, cosy space during the evenings.

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