Design Village Foodcourt, Penang

About This Project

Remember the time we had breakfast in a ‘kopitiam’ to kick start a day? Remember the joy we had during a meal without mobile phone interruptions? Now they seem rather strange in the current society but Design Village Food Hall – the Hawker House has revoked that nostalgia feeling, offering an experience of ‘lost-in-time’ in this upcoming food hall. Whimsical and poetic, yet pragmatic and functional, the food hall is a reminder of the past and exploration of contemporary context, creating a new exciting experience for guests.

Entering the food hall, guests are welcome with enormous lanterns in refashioned 1960s vintage posters that suspended in various sizes throughout the space. These brightly lit lanterns are reinterpretation of old oriental lanterns or also known as ‘tanglung’ demarcate or break the longevity spaces in the food hall. Inspired by the unique old ‘kopitiam’ facades, various types of corrugated metals and vertical signage for the stall fronts, offer a dynamic experience for both stall tenants and guests. Each stall has a little ‘personal touch’ of its own. Mix of eclectic cluster seating – from a banquet seating to a communal table in the food hall allows guests who come in group or individuals. The use of pattern tiles, reminiscence of five-foot walkway, can be seen on certain tables instead on floors. Throughout the food hall, sketches of hawker stalls, old biscuit tins and Milo tins populate every corner, revoking that nostalgic feeling of ‘kopitiam’.

Design Village Food Hall is more than just a food hall, its surreal yet casual atmosphere offers an enjoyable experience with friends and families with comfort abound.

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