Cilantro Restaurant and Wine Bar, KL

About This Project

Entering Cilantro proves to be an enigmatic experience. Guests are greeted by a sleek entrance piece, which combines contrasting materials of walnut, marble, and glass, providing sheer privacy to diners while elevating curiosity of passers-by. Decorated by a pair of bespoke copper door handles, guests are later welcomed into the restaurant through a majestic textured glass door.

The restaurant consists of two levels – its upper floor serves as a venue for private dining, while the lower floor houses the bar lounge and the chef’s table. A stair-integrated wine display shelf sits at the center of the staircase void, making it a feature piece, and giving the restaurant its very own individuality. The chef’s table indulges its diners in a unique dining experience, where the chef prepares the meal at the end of a majestic five-meter-long quartz table. The bar lounge is situated across the chef’s table, where guests enjoy a session of drinking and mingling. Dark timber tones, burnt leather, and smoke greys veils the basement space to express a sophisticated and masculine atmosphere, imbued with dashes of neoclassical charm.

Tantalizing, mysterious and mesmerizing, dining in cilantro is a genuinely unique experience one can get nowhere else. Cilantro leaves a sentimental touch to both existing and new guests.

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