C ba at Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, Langkawi

About This Project

Amazing landscape of Langkawi complemented with local motifs and elements created the chilling atmosphere of C Ba at Meritus Pelangi Resort.

The lounge, located at the end of the beach, faces the Andaman Sea. Clever placement of the three zones: outdoor lounge, deck and dining area with the bar, allows all the guests to enjoy the main feature – breathtaking sunset view.

Local savaged elements found into new realisation play together with the open concept of veranda. Floor timber was recycled from the resort restaurant, while the ceiling composition comes from the villas windows. Also the backdrop wall was built of stones found in the island.

After the twilight, the mood is created by colourful lighting inspired from traditional Malay outdoor fairy lamps. The vibrant cubes not only highlight the space, but are also used as a lounge tables to reinforce the playful ambience of C ba.

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