Blue at Sky51, EQ Kuala Lumpur

About This Project

Situated within EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s newest Sky51 Sky Bar, BLUE is a contemporary speakeasy Jazz bar that celebrates the streamlined and ornamented forms derived from Art Deco, draped in masculine brass finishes. To enter, guests have to first enter a room that imitates the appearance of a conventional lift car. While they’re inside, a column of screens will project footage as if it is ascending upwards. After which, the door to BLUE finally opens.

The design of the speakeasy bar takes on a dynamic shape of furious energy — portraying a bird’s ferocious hunt for survival. The space is planned in a manner that envelopes around the bar counter at the center. The display shelves within the bar counter eventually grows into exaggerated brass ceiling rings as it ascends upwards, resulting the rounded carcass of the bar.

Guests who prefers the open air may enjoy drinking at the outdoor bar, while enjoying the panoramic view of the city around. The deck is illuminated with scarlet red glow that depicts the city lights from a bird’s eye view, taking cues from a bird’s curiosity when peering into the city beneath. All eyes are marveled at the cantilevered DJ booth that appears levitating midair, with red lights around it that faint in accordance to the music.

On the other end, the outdoor bar counter is crowned with a curved glass staircase above, both finished in highly reflective material that mirrors the cityscape around, rendering their forms nearly invisible. Meanwhile in a secluded corner, lies a garden peppered with pod seats, symbolizing the nest – a sanctuary for where birds find refuge and safety. Here, guests are offered privacy as they experience tranquility amidst the lush greenery that dots the space.

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