Atria Shopping Gallery

About This Project

Envisioned as the new benchmark for the future of retail design in Asia, Atria Shopping Gallery is a stimulating synthesis of creative ambition and architectural precision. Blu Water Studio’s overall vision for Atria was to incorporate the beauty, warmth and majesty of nature into a stimulating and high- energy retail space. These elements have been translated by way of iconic sculptural elements, which support the essential principle of having a continuous integration and celebration of art throughout the entire mall.

Acting as the gateway to a new world of retail, the double height sculptural ceiling at the entry seamlessly blends the exterior and the interior where a large arena of shopping opportunities greet you. The light bridge at the entry lets you experience the dynamics, volume and energy of this space, whilst connecting shoppers to their favourite brands.

One of the most unique aspects of the Atria Shopping Gallery is the food court. Inspired by traditional elements of the orient, ‘Asian Avenue’ is a melting pot of culture and cuisine. The design identifies and draws on a certain energy that is unique to this part of the world, and offers it as a complimentary element to the shopping experience.

commercial, Atria, Mall, Damansara