6 Western Avenue, Penang

About This Project

True luxury means being free. Imagine living freely – in a space to call your own with all the comforts of a private sanctuary, an oasis that soothes the senses from the bustling city and rejuvenates. Free-living means free from all cares and stresses of everyday life, the interior space is the key to mastering this exercise in soothing all the senses. The resort lifestyle is now within reach at 6 Western Avenue, Penang’s newest prestigious and privileged address. These bungalows boast spacious 5 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, with a family room and a double volume dining room.

This private retreat is the result of an exercise and restraint – where the idea is to create a living oasis, melting away the fine boundaries between city living and personal sanctuary without it being cold and gaudy. It encompasses open-air concepts where nature and the indoors are allowed to be infused, melting the boundaries between nature and living space.

The feeling of being free is further complimented by the interior decors. At first arrival, you will be greeted by the modern take on a traditional style furniture and accessories. The living room features cool modern furniture, with its sleek and clean lines, allow its users to feel completely at home and seamless with the nature that surrounds them. Naturally, what results is a stark contrast with the dark modern straight lines of the wooden furniture truly inspires a deep sense of serenity as the uncluttered furnishings allow the sights to rest and relax. Each living space is separated like islands of tropical living – little oasis of cozy spaces that delight the senses. The clever use of the local indigenous hardwood throughout the interior, and in various ways, is a true tribute to the local history steep in culture and local talents. This feature can be found most strongly in the strong lines of the screening around the dining room and family gathering spaces. This screen helps to bring together the coziness of the family.

Being at one with nature is easy as the interiors are tastefully appointed to cleverly integrate the natural elements outside inside like the coconut shell art installation on the dining wall and the orchid design area rug. Textures creates interesting nooks and crannies, cozy corners and come into play via the well-chosen timeless pieces of artefacts and different wall treatments throughout the house. These treatments create layers of interesting spaces to explore and discover. Furthermore, on the second floor there are 3 other bedrooms with individually styled rooms, all perfectly chosen to match the user’s personalities while maintaining the resort style integrity. The Master bedroom features a high-sloped double volume ceiling finished in rich local indigenous wood creates a grandiose comfortable atmosphere.

The overall interiors at 6 Western effortlessly inspires the lavish and indulgent lifestyle.

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